Friday, June 16, 2006


happy blogday to me! happy blogday to me! Happy BLOGDAY to meee-eeeee, happy blogday to me!

(The cake my Mom would have baked me had she been around today.)

It's been two years, people. TWO YEARS! (Well, officially the 17th, but that's a Saturday and no one seems to be around on Saturdays so I'm jumping the gun a day. I set up the blog on the 16th, though, but never got the courage to post until the 17th, so that sorta counts.)

Anyhow, I just wanna THANK you ALL for reading me and commenting and making me feel part of a community even though I am so far away. It's really amazing to me how I can still have my circle of friends no matter how separated we are. Some of you I've never even met face to face, but somehow, I think we will fix that someday. Seems there's airplanes that go EVERYWHERE!

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