Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Random crap

1) Am I an old fart because I just...don't... get... MySpace? I mean, seriously? Am I already, like, an Old Skool Blogger...which means, of course, plain old? I just don't get MySpace. Every time I click on a link to someone's MySpace site I just get annoyed. Music and bad writing and ARG!

I also don't get all this stuff about Web 2.0. What does that mean? Are they upgrading the web? Do I need to do something here? Am I supposed to upgrade to new software or something? I mean, if there is a Web 2.0, does that mean soon we will have Car 2.0 or Karla 2.0 or TV 2.0? ? The next generation of coffee is Coffee 2.0? What does Web 2.0 mean?

2) I'm adding some stuff to my iTunes as I write this. List so far goes:

Very old Sharpe and Numan (as in Gary) stuff, sort of rare now. I'm only doing one song off it, "Change Your Mind", as I have realized that the rest of the album is SO 80's it's not even funny. I mean, 80's movie soundtrack, 80's. Oy.

Peter Gabriel, "Shaking the Tree".

The Beloved, "Conscience". It's totally the gayest music in the world where they pretend to sing to a girl but you just KNOW they aren't (almost as gay as Bronski Beat, 'member them?) but it is also a very nostalgic album for me, as every time I hear it I remember roadtrips I took through Oklahoma when I lived there. (briefly, early 90's, year and a half) I hear the music and I think of rolling hills and red dirt. It's kinda cool.

Southern Culture On the Skids. "Dirt Track Date". If Camel Walk doesn't make you shake your thang, you are just dead. Just...dead.

Toadies. "Rubberneck". Some friends of mine had a band and played with them when they were all up and coming and I hear they are great guys. The Toadies just fucking ROCK. My particular favorite is "I Burn". Woof, gives me chills, it's powerful.

Alabama 3, "Exile on Coldharbour Lane". Excellent album. I might also mention that Coldharbour Lane is an actual street in London, in the Brixton area, known for some rough trade at one time. Brixton is a very interesting area....I went and checked it out one day, great market there, and took a picture of the street sign of Coldharbour Lane in honor of Bookhart, who loves A3 muchly.

Some random other stuff, including my guilty trashy side that has one Kid Rock album (though KR is absolutely Ick Supreme, how can you not rock out to a song on his CD about a midget rapping about his 10 foot dick?), old Art of Noise, Paul Oakenfold, Gus Gus and Fat Boy Slim. I also found some old Billy Squier, remember the Stroke?

3) I'm reading a hilarious book. It's called Buddha Da by Anne Donovan and it's about a Glaswegian who becomes a Buddhist. It's written in Scottish dialect, so you'd think it would be hard to read, but it's absolutely not and it increases the humor of the book tenfold. I mean, here's the first paragraph, it sucks you right in:

"Ma Da's a nutter. Radio rental. H'd dae anythin for a laugh so he wid; went doon the shops wi a perra knickers on his heid, tellt the wifie next door we'd won the lottery and were flittin' tae Barbados, but that wis daft stuff compared tae whit he's went and done noo. He's turnt intae a Buddhist."

I wish I had a Scottish accent. I think that's the one I would like above all others. Except maybe a deep southern American one, which I can actually do quite convincingly, especially after drinking. The Scottish one, howver, escapes me, except for the phrase "If it's no Scottish it's CRRRAP!" which I do well.

Right, so now I am taking my newly refreshed iPod out and going for another walk. It's humid out there, so puffy hair, here I come!

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