Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Longest day of the year...

....which is kind of a big deal around here. Coming up to today, we gained 4 minutes of light EVERY DAY from the winter solstice. From today on, we lose four minutes of light EVERY DAY until winter solstice comes again. Doesn't seem like much, until you think that in 10 days that's 40 minutes of light either gained or lost, depending on where you are in the cycle.

So it's no wonder Scandinavians (and most Europeans) are sun worshippers of the first order. You have to enjoy it while it's there! And there's alot to enjoy around here:

And it also explains why I am so frigging tired. I have had a hard time sleeping, what with the sun setting around midnight and starting its ascent again around 3am......

I have 6 months before it gets to the darkest day. And today is the first day of that means about two months of almost guaranteed warmth! Woo!

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