Monday, June 12, 2006

hard rock oslo

Tomorrow is Rich's birthday and to celebrate we are going to the Hard Rock Cafe, Oslo. It opened last December and I have yet to get there.

I'm quite excited. Not really because it's a Hard Rock (been there done that) but that I get to have AMERICAN food cooked by someone other than me! Woo! Oslo also has a TGI Friday's that I have been to a few times, but to be honest it's not that great (even if I am craving US food it still disappoints) and it's crashingly expensive. I never spend under $75 there, and for that kind of food, that is way too expensive. Even if they refill your Cokes "American style" every two seconds. It might be the only place in Oslo with free Coke refills. The Cokes do cost around $5 bucks, though, so they should be refilled often, no?

I'm sure Hard Rock will be pricey as well, all restaurants here are, but I can only hope the appetizers will be appropriately greasy and salty, cheese will be properly melty, the burgers properly oversized and juicy and the Cokes never ending.....

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