Thursday, June 29, 2006

Money out the Wazoo

Most of us have some sort of idea of what we would do or live like if we were super rich.

Lately, I really only have one thing that I would want.

I would have, if I was super rich, a person who's sole job would be to bring me my morning Mochachocalattayaya and something for breakfast.

Because I hate having to make the coffee or go get the coffee or whatever, and breakfast is a trial better left unfaced.

But if someone just BROUGHT it to me, that would be ok.

So there. That's what I would have if I was superrich. A breakfast coffee guy. (Ok, so if he maybe, twice a week or so, doubled as a workout trainer, that would be cool, too. But that's it, really. I don't want servants or butlers or anything. Just a breakfast coffee guy cum workout trainer. That's all.)

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