Monday, June 19, 2006

Walkies! Walkies!

Back when I had my dog, Beaufort, I used to drive her nuts by coming up to her with her leash and hollering in a mock British voice, "Walkies! Walkies!" She would absolutley LOSE her MIND, knowing that it was time for a WALK ohmygod a WALK we're going to go SNIFF stuff and PEE on things and see the WORLD and I can BARK and it's so great and boy can we go now can we can we can we huh huh?

I kinda know how she felt, lately. Well, except for the part about peeing on stuff.

I've been a walking MANIAC. Maybe it's the iPod. It keeps me motivated. Or maybe it's because I got this pedometer and I am hell bent on doing 10,000 steps a day (which, by the way, is harder than it seems cuz it's like five miles or something and how many people actually walk five miles a day anymore in this world of cars?) or if it's because the weather has been so great, or I am discovering all these cool new neighborhoods and hills and meadows around here or what. I mean, the walking around here is awesome. There's always a view from a hilltop, or an old farm, or an iron age burial mound, or an old viking trail, or something. There's trees and flowering bushes and pretty houses.
There's hot guys without their shirts off working on their yards, and just for Rich there is always a girl in a bikini somewhere. I was rather tickled when he saw one on Saturday and then, about 5 minutes later, told me musingly that I should get a brown bikini. And I'm all like, "Um, you mean a brown bikini like the one that cute girl was wearing?" And he's all, "Um, yeah, because I noticed how her hair color was like yours and brown would look good on you." Uh.Huh. I am SO sure he was looking at her HAIR color. The hair color of a cute, firm assed, girl in a little brown bikini. But, nice save, guy. Really. You are learning the ways of the wife. It's only taken 13 years....

Um, where was I. Oh, walking. Yeah, on Saturday I dragged Rich's ass out for a walk that ended up being 7.5 miles. For you non-mile using people, that's like, 12 kilometers. It was a long walk. And a good walk. And it was really warm out, like, 80 degrees, or something. Which doesn't seem hot to you Texas people but I am up NORTH and that means I am closer to the sun than you and then there is this whole thing with the ozone being damaged up north and that makes the sun more it was hot. (Hey! Quit laughing, you Texas people! I'm not kidding!) I was quite tired afterwards, and we actually turned down a couple of invites to bbq's and stuff because, well, ouch.

Walking that much on Saturday entitled me to do nothing on Sunday. I thought about walking, but, you know, moderation in all things. Besides, I'm almost finished working my way through the last season of Angel. A girl's gotta have her priorities.

It rained really hard last night and washed away all the pollen dust (and boy am I glad I washed all the decks and glass just on FRIDAY, dammit) so it's not so sunny out, but it looks like the rain might hold off for me to get another 5 in if I do it now.....So I gather my iPod and my pedometer and mutter to myself, "Walkies! Walkies!"

I miss that dog.

I've lost 4 pounds, by the way.

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