Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Unpacking update three

All done! Suitcases put away!

Now doing laundry. Still sneezy (whee!) but coming along ok.

Last night I roasted a chicken and it ROCKED! I am so proud of myself, it was really good. Just shoved half a lemon and some rosemary and onion in the "cavity", or "up its bum" as I always warily think of it. Butter on top. Bit of garlic rubbed in. Flipped it a couple of times. Easy peasy. Served with just a salad, yummdiddlyumptious. Now I am taking the leftover chicken bones and stuff and making stock. Stock is expensive to buy here, so I always make my own. Jeez, when did I become so traditional?

God this is a boring post. I'll come back with something more interesting later.

Oh, Karen found a hotel for us to stay at in Paris, it looks wonderful. Girl trip, woohoo!


  1. Wow, that hotel is SWANK! :)

  2. The Hotel Britannique came highly recommended to me, though I've never stayed there. I hope you'll post a review when you get back... if The Langlois is ever fully-booked, it's nice to have an alternative!


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