Monday, January 24, 2005


I have a cold. --sniff--

A shitty, sneezy, runny, ucky cold.

ACHOO!!!! blaaaaagh

Though I must admit, I kinda like sneezing. Am I crazy that I do? I like the whole build up and then "aaahh ahhha haaa"... and then the big finish... "Blllaaghgghhh!"... snort sniff, etc. And then people bless me, as though I have done something bless worthy. Pretty cool. You never get blessed or wished good health otherwise.

My husband tends to avoid me when I have a cold. He squeezes himself into a tiny corner of the bed (a prodigious feat indeed, for a 6' 7" man) while I blodge out over the rest of the bed in sneezy snorty snotty splendor. Hey, it's his deal, if he scoots over, I, amoeba-like, will fill the remaining space. It's just marital geometry.

Since I am sick and sneezy, I figure I might as well clean the house. It's so damned dusty in here, I won't know if I am sneezing from the dirt or the cold. Double sneeziosity, groovus! I am listening to 80's music via internet station "Club 80's" whilst doing so. I can only clean if I can dance, too. Though some of this music is cheezy even for a big 80's gal like me....

"Danger! Danger! He's dangerous. Danger straight ahead!!" Who is this, anyhow? Who thought this was good?

It's hard techno time.


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