Sunday, January 23, 2005


Company party aftermath. It was last night at the Holmenkollen Rica Hotel , this gorgeous old place on the top of Oslo.

Now? Sunday hangover from Saturday party.


Ya gotta hand it to the Norwegians, when they decide to throw a party and go for it, man, they pull out ALL the stops. The waiters were literally forcing us to drink the multiple different choices of wine. The waiter for our table told me "Hey it's free and this is must drink at least 2000 nok worth!" I believe I did so. The food was excellent to a point of plate licking and then...we got wacky.

Rich and I were seated at the profligate's table way at the back. Does my reputation proceed me? Well, for damn sure our table had the most fun. The girls at our table, Mary, Petra and Lesley, they all know how to enjoy themselves and most of the time we were snorting with sisterly glee. We were maybe too gleeful, as I think Mary might have a camera full of incriminating photos of some of our, erm, less dignified moments. Maybe some of them might surface here, eventually, though the ones we took by pointing the camera down our dresses, those may be censored. I told you, wacky!

I might look like a grown up and have all the responsibilities of a grown up, but does that mean I have to act like one all the time? Nahhhh. Of course not, and I think most grown ups agree with me on this one.

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