Thursday, January 06, 2005

Don't you forget about me...don't don't don't don't!

Sniff sniff.....

I'm really just posting this because it cracks me up.

I took this picture of a billboard ad in Amsterdam. It was just too unbelievable. A picture of a guy sniffing a thong, with the caption, "Remember me".


Cuz, yeah, that's how I leave memories of ME around. Dirty underwear. Remember me. It would pretty much guarantee that you are not forgotten:

"Remember that freak-ass bitch who left the dirty underwear in the guest bedroom with a note that said, 'Remember me'? I wonder where she is now. What does she do, buy her panties in 12 packs and leave them all around the world? What ever happened to a simple thank you note?"


  1. That is so WRONG!! Bwahahhahahahahaaaa!!

  2. Disgusting!! But it's certainly a guarantee that the man won't forget the visit for a while. Let's just hope he's not the sensitive type...:)

  3. Nice site...I enjoyed the links....
    As far as the thong is concerned, you know that guy is probably carrying the thing aroung with him in his pocket.....


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