Wednesday, January 19, 2005

How to surprise friends and make yourself really tired

Well, now I can finally write about it, but let me tell you it's been hard to keep that secret for so long.

Everyone knew that I was going to the US in January, to Florida, to visit with Rich's family and do the late Christmas family thing.

What they did not know was that Todd (Jennifer's husband), Julia and I had also cooked up a little plot to surprise Jennifer on her thirty-hmm birthday!

Rich and I flew to Orlando via Iceland Air on January 7th. I spent the night in Orlando, then later the afternoon of the 8th Rich's brother John ever so obligingly took my tired ass to the airport for a quick trip to Austin. Jennifer's birthday is the 8th, and we had planned a little gathering at Opal Divine's where I would (hopefully) just casually show up and blow everyone's minds.

And it freaking well worked! The flight from Orlando stopped in Houston, where I had just enough time to change into my kick ass rock n roll red velvet "entrance making" suit. I felt like a Rock God flying around Texas in red velvet, and under it I wore a t shirt that said "GOTHIC", just to ante up the funk a bit. Upon arrival in Austin, my luggage was first out, the car rental place had a car ready for me, and I was at Opal's by 8:45. I sneaked into the bar the back way, grabbed a beer, and then sauntered out to the front deck where I could see the table full of pals all gabbing away and chatting merrily. Jennifer's back was to me. I came up behind her and planted a kiss on her cheek. Everyone screamed when I showed up. Jennifer was flabbergasted. It totally worked like a charm.

I was in Austin for all of 48 hours, I flew back to Orlando on the 11th. It was just enough time to catch up with a few folks, eat at Matt's and Austin Land and Cattle and Suzi's China Kitchen, grab a beer at Dog and Duck and Opal's, shop a little, and fly back out. I saw a few folks I knew who did not know I would be in town (sorry for not letting you know...) and missed out on a bunch of others. (Next time, I promise.)

Austin is just the home of my heart, and it always will be. It's nice to know it will be there for me, and I for damn sure will be there for it.


  1. What? No pilgrimage to the Hard Rock Cafe Austin?!? :-)

  2. You are so kick-ass! Your friends are really lucky to have a friend like you! :)

  3. Dave might hate me for this, but I save Hard Rocks for when I can't get American food. Since in Austin I have all my fave restaurants and little time, Hard Rock sorta falls by the wayside. Blasphemy? You decide.

  4. Thanks Vivi, that is so nice of you to say. I think that I am the lucky one to have them, however, and I would do anything for them to show it.
    Plus, how can I resist a trip back home?


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