Thursday, January 06, 2005

Strange Dreams

Do you ever go through phases where you have REALLY VIVID dreams? Man, lately they are killing me.

I'm having trouble falling alseep, so that when I finally do drop off, it's like my brain is in overload and the dreams are just totally intense. I wake up still in the dream. It's starting to bug me. I usually direct my dreams (me being a control freak) but these are so very strong they overwhelm me.

I had a dream yesterday night that actually had me screaming to wake myself up. Rich was freaked, he had never heard me yell before. I do it very rarely. But it's one of my most stressful dreams, the one where I am terrified, and try to scream, but no matter what I do I can't yell. The only thing that comes out is a choked whisper groan. "Awk...awk", like that. So I keep trying and trying (in my dream) to scream, because in the dream I will literally die of fright if I don't, it's like the scream must come or I am a goner....and I am making the noise for real. I wake myself up yelling. It's HORRIBLE. I've only done it three times that I can remember. Once when I was 17 just before I left for a trip to Europe and then on to college, once right before the move here to Norway, and now. Ugh, yuck, shiver.

The other dreams I have been having, so vividly, well, let's just say a girl should never tell SOME things. I sure do dream in color!


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