Friday, January 21, 2005

Friday Q


FQ1: What's a new food or drink you've tried? How'd it go?
Over Christmas I tried my Uncle Peter's homemade pate. I am usually squeamish about such things, but it was really good. His was made not with goose's livers, but with three different kinds of meat: chicken, beef and something or other. I don't really ask, I just try. Have learned that when trying new stuff, eat first, ask questions later or I will never try it.If I am ever on Fear Factor, that will hold me in good stead, I will just try not to hear what I am eating. I still don't like the squishy jelly stuff (aspic?) that the pate gets packed in, though. Blech.

FQ2: What's a new television show or movie you've seen or book you've read? How'd it go?
When I was in Orlando I saw "Desperate Housewives" and LOVED it. As for books, right now I am reading "The Club Dumas" by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Since "The Three Musketeers" is my favorite book, and "Club Dumas" kind of revolves around it, it is rocking my world. Sort of a mystery, suspense, diabolical thriller about evil book collectors. Highly recomended, high geekiosity scale. The movie "The Ninth Gate" with Johnny Depp (howl!) was based on that book.

FQ3: What's a new place you've been to or web site you've visited? How'd it go?
New, so call me lame, but in Orlando I went to this mall called the Millenium Mall and it was FABULOUS. It did my little shopping-starved heart proud. I found sales at Anthropologie, and Arden B and Express and had a look-see at Nieman's and then got to eat mall food and and and and....oh, it was great. Thanks to Maureen for taking me around.
Website that I visited today for the first time, that I am not yet sure about, is the "Awful Plastic Surgery" website. Bitchy as all get out, and alot of it is nasty theory, but it is funny as hell. (Click on the sidebar link on Jocelyn Wildenstein. WTF???) That with Manolo's Shoe Blog and Go Fug Yourself are my daily bitch quotient. Then I go read worthy things, really......Like Vivi's blog about her trials and tribulations as a newly married expat in France. Last installment she was locked into Pere Lachaise graveyard after it closed. I could kill her for making me wait to read what happened!

FQ NEW: Do the new! What's something new you've been wanting to try but haven't? What's stopping you?
I've promised to go to Paris with my friend Karen in February. (I went once before, long ago, when I was 17. Many entertaining and embarrassing stories survive from that time. Julia, my bud since kindergarten and my partner in crime for that trip, relishes telling them frequently, to my great chagrin.) I really want to go, but money is holding me back.
I also have some new jewelry designs and techniques I am gonna get started on. Nothing holding me back there but my own cussed laziness.

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