Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I have found tea heaven

I've never made a secret of the fact that I am a vanilla-holic. I add vanilla to everything; my coffee, my hot chocolate, my vanilla ice cream (yeah, vanilla extract added to vanilla ice cream, it's awesome!), extra vanilla to my cookies and cakes. I adore vanilla. I can't wear vanilla scented perfumes because it makes me so damned hungry I eat everything sweet in sight. I think, if made to choose, that I would pick vanilla over chocolate, though I would be hugely pissed off at having to make such a choice.

Every morning for the past few years, I have either bought or made myself a very large mocha coffee with skim milk and a vanilla shot. In Starbucks lingo it is a Grande Non Fat Vanilla Mocha, No Whip. At Coffee Republic in London, it's a Skinny Vanilla Mocha for Takeway, please!. In Norway it's a Stor Kafe Mocha med lett melk og vanilje. Ta med. Every damned day for maybe 10 years now, the same drink. Gotta have my chocolate and vanilla coffee fix. (In some things, I am a girl of routines.)

I have been looking for a change, lately. Not that I am bored. Oh God no. I am ever loyal. I go to bed sometimes just waiting for the night to be over so I can have my morning coffee. However, now, I think maybe they are not helping me in the metabolism arena. Not that I am on a diet, but I would not mind a few small adjustments to help get about 5-10 lbs off my gut. There's a jiggle on my formerly flat belly that I do not like. I figure, if I just cut back on the alcohol, and maybe fewer mochas per week, that might help. That would be at least 1000 calories a week cut out. That, and some sit ups and push ups should do the trick. But what to use in place of the mochas that won't make me want to tear my hair out?

Today, I found something that may help me wean myself off my daily mochachocalottayaya habit. I found......Twinings Vanilla Tea. Oh. My.God. Vanilla-y goodness, so sweet and pungent that I could just die. It smells like heaven, and tastes better than it smells. How many things can you say that about? I am having my first cup now, and I am blown away. This stuff is like crack. Instant addiction.

I can't wait til tomorrow morning.

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  1. Ooh ooh ooh ooh!! I am so looking for that next time I'm at the grocery!!!


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