Tuesday, October 05, 2010

While the oven heats up...

....and before I make dinner, random picture*!

This is me in Cambodia at Ta Prohm, a temple ruin at Angkor. Behind me are the roots of a giant tree.

*Random picture posts also mean 'I have nothing particularly interesting to say or write** about, so I will just post photos.'

**Or I have so much to say I'd never shut up, so best to self censor right now until I get my head straight.


  1. jaymo1:10 PM

    Oh, good, it's just tree roots.  I thought it was some ectoplasmic slime and we were gonna have to call Ghostbusters

  2. karlakp3:26 PM

    Jay, harhar hardy har. Though the trees are scary. I hpe this new set up is working...test test test.


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