Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday bullet post

  • I left work early today, it's a gorgeous chill fall day, sunny and golden colored.
  • I rode my trusty DBS bike a different way home, a long way around through the back of Frognerparken then around front and then home.
  • I so love my bike. It's like a big cushy Suburban of bikes. It's so smooth.
  • I'm totally getting better at it, too. I'm up to 5th gear (out of 7).
  • I dropped off my bike and then got on the tram over to Bogstadveien, the shopping road, and checked out some shops.
  • God there are some great sweaters out right now.
  • I am a TOTAL sweater whore.
  • I got this really goofy crooked architectural sweater at Lindex.
  • Long and black, naturally.
  • You can never have enough black sweaters, skirts, dresses or shoes.
  • Also checked out H&M.
  • I swear to God I felt like I was 16 again at H&M. All the styles are straight from my closet circa 1984.
  • I totally know how to wear all that stuff, but think maybe I am a bit old for it now.
  • (I'm STILL glad leggings are back, how did I go so many years without them?)
  • But I got this wierd residual teenage thrill from checking out all the styles.
  • I remembered how excited I used to get when I was younger, checking out the fashions at Judy's and Express and Contempo and all those fab 80's shops I used to shop at.
  • I got a job at Judy's when I was 16, I thought I was THE SHIT for working at a cool mall store.
  • I made $3.75 an hour.
  • I was one of those fashion hags in high school, you know, those girls who always had the newest clothes and always wore different outfits? There were a few of us, and we all worked at mall stores.
  • We thought we were cool.
  • So then I got some sushi to go and headed home.
  • Ate my weight in raw fish again.
  • Made the mistake of googling 'salmon sushi' and read some horrible stuff about how raw salmon has worms.
  • I feel icky now.
  • Even though it's Friday, I am going to be lazy.
  • My plans: a bath, then start season 5 of How I Met Your Mother (that Rich brought me from the US).
  • My weekend plans: Lady Gaga and Robert Plant and the Band of Joy will be in town, and I am seeing them both.
  • Robert Plant will ask me to run away with him.
  • Rich won't mind.
  • He'll be with Lady Gaga anyhow.
  • In that meat dress, she's dinner AND a show, isn't she?
  • Rich would love that. She comes with her own snack!
  • And I'm taking Monday off work.
  • WOO!


  1. I'm peeved I'm not seeing Gaga...this is at least the 5th time I miss an obvious opportunity to see her. Should that tell me something? But I liked Pokerface before most of the rest of the world, really. Also, I have every single episode in existence of HIMYM. Now I just have to forget reading all about Barney...err, NPH's twins being born. Me not compute.

  2. Gaga and her meat dress - Dinner and a show! LOL I am going to have to share that one!


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