Thursday, October 07, 2010


Lately I have been craving sushi. ALL THE TIME.

There is a sushi place a block from our house, a little take-away place. The girls there, I think they are Thai, want to teach me Norwegian. I find it hilarious that Thai girls want to teach a Texan Norwegian at a Japanese sushi place, but that is how my life rolls lately, so I just go with it. I gamely order my sushi på Norsk with the Thai girls helping me along. (I have real problems saying '7' in Norwegian, by the way.)

Anyhow, I order my usual SHITLOAD of sushi, and in a nod to normalcy, when they ask how many chopsticks I want, I always say 'Two", so that they think that I am ordering all this fish for two people and not just for piggy me.

But it's not for two, it's all for me, ME!... IT'S MINE... MY SUSHI and I don't have to share it with ANYONE bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

And now I am burping sushi. This is not a bad thing, by the way. (urp).


  1. Michele6:34 AM

    OMG, I've done that before! Ordered big cake and asked for two forks, "to go," of course, so they wouldn't see me eat the whole thing. Enjoy your sushi, sweet thing.

  2. Laura6:36 PM

    If it's the place just a block up on frognerveien, then those girls are Vietnamese! I used to try to practice my vietamese on them when I was living in frognerveien 39.


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