Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I used to have parties ALL THE TIME.

When I lived in Austin? My little house? Perfect little party house. Big deck out back (that I built), good party flow in the house, good location quite central, so that people naturally gravitated to Casa Karla. I had parties monthly, pretty much, and the cops only got called a very few times.

I am out of party practice now, but am hosting two events in the next two weeks.

Friday I'm doing a dinner for a boss of mine who is moving, he and I have become pretty good friends over the past few years, so I wanted to do something special for him and his wife before they go. Hence, Mexican Fiesta Evening. I'm gonna whip up some garmaritas and quesadillas, gonna play the rock music, and have invited a few folks over for a good ol' Texas style party. I will do a seated casual dinner for 10, which is a challenge as it seems all my dinner sets (plates, utensils, glasses, etc) stretch to 8 as the most for any particular set, so now I have to figure out some creative mix and match table settings. Not to mention I actually only have 6 dining room chairs, so will pull in the extra chairs de la casa as well. However, I figure, once I hand over the margaritas upon entry to the house, people won't notice any lack of matching plates or silverware....

The next Friday I am hosting a hen party for approximately 15 ladies. Oddly enough that will be easier than a sit down for 10. Girls are easy. Chocolate, champagne, have plenty of toilet paper and clean bathrooms on hand, and boom, there's yer party......


  1. Shanna7:50 AM

    Mix and match dishes are so in!  You can mix up all the plates, depending on how many sets you have, I have 3 sets, yes for a family of 4. ;)  Depending on how fancy you are going and how coordinated your sets are you can put a big plate from one set under a smaller plate from another set and then just randomly do that around the table.  How fun to be having a party.  I need to do that more often.  I held more parties in my 900 square foot trailer then I do in my 2200 square foot house.  Must be old age kicking in on my, just can't be social anymore.  Good luck and have a great time. 

  2. karlakp12:18 PM

    I always do the mix and match thing, but not usually on quite this large of a scale. I have, like, 5 sets of dishes, but they range from 4-8 place setting each. And also, I really don't have enough utensils to stretch to two courses for 10 people, so am forced to reuse. I think I've finally got it sorted with some cream abd black plates mixed with some old (very old) Egytpian Desert themed plates I got from my mother in law, with tribal table cloths and black napkins and place mats. AFrica meets Norway!
    Now to go do some prep work....


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