Sunday, October 10, 2010

Typical weekend (and how to piss off the neighbors)

Rich is in the US and I am here on my own. Yeah, I know, you think it would be all 'party!!' but, no. For one thing, everyone is out on høstferie (fall holiday) and second, I can't be arsed.

I got pulled into an ALL DAY meeting on Friday at work, damn that was a long day. That evening me and a coworker went and saw 'Eat Pray Love', which was a cute movie, and then she and I shot the shit over red wine until 3am. Nice to have girl talk, though we spent most of that time talking about work, then saying, ok, no more talking about work, and then we'd talk about work some more.

Saturday I got up reluctantly at 10 (oy I can't do those late nights anymore) and went to work for a few hours. Nice day for a bike ride. Got groceries, came home, put them away and defrosted some shrimp to make green chili shrimp enchiladas later that evening. Fell asleep around 3. Woke up at 7. Oops. Couldn't be arsed to make the enchiladas, and was too hungry anyhow, so made a frozen pissa. There is this new one out by Wagner, Sensazione? You guys in Norway, those are AWESOME. I like the ham, mushroom, onion one. Boy those are good.

I was watching "Big Love" in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 11. Me an' my rock-n-roll lifestyle.

Got up this morning and walked up the road to Deli Deluca to get my mocha vanilla extra strong coffee. They let you make it yourself there, with all the syrups and stuff to add, so I do three shots of espresso and then a cappucino, with chocolate and vanilla. By the time you are done with that, you are so hopped up on sugar and caffeine you don't know whether to shit or go blind. (I don't know what that really means, but my dad says it all the time.)

When I got back to the flat coffee in hand, this was around 10am, there was this kid on the doorstep holding newspapers. I thought he was a delivery boy, so I let him in so he could deliver his papers. Oh..shit. He was SELLING the newspapers door to door, knocking on doors at our entry controlled building at 10 on a Sunday! Oh so not cool. I have now engendered the ire of my neighbors, in a major apartment faux pas. I heard him knock on the door of the first floor flat, and scampered up the stairs quickly before they saw me. I think they booted him, and probably not nicely, either, as they are college kids, and I remember that 10am on Sunday at that age is prime sleep time.

Um, yeah, sorry there, neighbors. My bad.

Today will encompass a bike ride or walk on what looks to be a beautiful fall day, some tidying and cleaning, some much needed organizing of papers (currently stacked neatly on Rich's desk, but in no order or reason) and then I will make those green chile shrimp enchiladas I wanted last night.

And then, around 9pm, I will crawl into bed, pop in another episode of 'Big Love' and watch the wierdness that is Bill Paxton with three wives.


  1. oh praise the lard, does it actually have a crust that resembles pizza rather than old scone (as the one-that-shan't-be-named has)?

  2. karlakp5:11 AM

    yes! They've managed to do a nice crispy crust. And the toppings are just right. Surprisingly good, none of that grandiosa floppyness. I drizzle a little extra olive oil on top before baking. mmm.....


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