Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lookee what Rich brung me!

Rich's mom owns a antiques shop/knick knack shop in Pennsylvania. It's one of those places that when you see it you HAVE to go in, just for the fun of a good snoop? It just looks like all sorts of fun stuff lurks in there. Shops like hers are all over the country, and I just love them.

Anytime Rich or I (or any family members) go to visit, she tells us to go on and have a treasure hunt in the store. Which is so cool. So Rich went on a treasure hunt and brought me this book, dated 1949, and put out by Neiman Marcus. All of the recipes are by Mrs. His-Name So and So (very few first names of the ladies, no, it's all using the man's name). Many of the recipes involve Fritos (which is AWESOME.)

There is a recipe for French Onion Soup that uses 3/4 POUND of butter. It uses more butter than stock, for Christ's sake. And there are a lot of classic old Mexican recipes that all involve lard (or fritos.)

What made me laugh was the recipe for Swedish Meatballs. There's a taste of Texas! And there is also a recipe entitled "Norwegian Hot Dish", that uses beef, kidney beans and tomato soup. I think I can somewhat confidently say, there is really nothing Norwegian about this dish, in fact, it sounds like chili to me. And for dessert, Mincemeat Mother-in-Law. Boil a bunch of fruit and spices until you can't recognize them....yeehaw! It's Mincemeat Mother-in-Law!

A Taste of Texas. From 1949. Lard, fritos, butter, shortening. Ah the good ol' days.


  1. tqe | Adam2:43 PM

    If I visit you, please make me the French Onion Soup.  Please?
    Or not.

  2. jaymo4:10 PM

    Reminds me of my mom's chili, named after a local sportscaster. circa 1970.  Paul Eals' chili.  Fritos poured in a casserole dish, pour canned Viettie chili over the top, with chopped onions and cheddar cheese.  Bake for 45 minutes at 350F.  Pretty sure there's no nutritional value to distract you from the inherent yumminess.  Thanks for reminding me of that!

  3. karlakp9:52 AM

    Adam, no. I wouldn't want to be responsible for your death.
    jay, That EXACT recipe is in this book. I shit you not.


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