Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hair of the dog.

Hair of the dog., originally uploaded by karlakp.

Kilkenny? This hangover nearly killing Karla!


  1. Corinne1:38 PM

    Oh, man, Kilkenny has the evil.  And this is coming from a beer lover.

  2. karlakp1:58 PM

    The Kilkenny was the hair of the dog after a night of margaritas. the Kilkenny saved me from near hangover death.

  3. jaymo2:18 PM

    Sounds like the party was a success!  Extra karma points for you!

  4. Corinne7:49 AM

    Some of my worst hangovers were from Kilkenny, so that's where the misunderstanding came from. :) Glad to hear you survived.

  5. karlakp8:37 AM

    yeah, I hear you. Hansa is the hangover king of beers for me, in fact, the legendary Hansa Hangover is roundly feared by many.....


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