Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hmm....I think I like it

Well, I changed my blog template on a whim, and I rather think I love it.

And I actually think the commenting is working better now than it was before. Is that just me? Y'all having any problems?

Maybe I will blog more now. I know I have been bad about it. But it seems like lately I just work. And I don't blog about work. because a) it's work and how boring is it to blog about work and b) I ain't no dummy and I just don't think you SHOULD blog about work (unless that is part of your job).

So, if all I do is work, and I can't write about work, what will I write about?

Dinner's in the oven, tonight is chicken wings and rosé. Rich is in the US for a family thing. So I have a week of bachelorette food. So tonight it's the chicken wings and rosé, tomorrow is sushi and rosé, and then Friday it will be pizza and rosé followed by a viewing of Eat Pray Love.

Are you noticing a theme in my bachelorette food?


  1. Irisrainbow2:15 PM

    Hmmm, meat?

  2. Am so with you - my last bachelorette opportunity involved The Bounty Hunter and Amaretto. Shhhh...

  3. zunzun11:22 PM

    First I thought it was too "industrial" (not sure what I even meant by that!LOL) and then I totally loved it...loved the fact that you are facing the camera and then there's someone facing away to the left.  I also like how the building served as a divider...pretty cool.

    BTW...I enjoy the "random picture" days...I get to vicariously travel through you....huh...I think that sounds redundant but I'm tipsy so it stays!LOL!

  4. Leading off with chicken wings, I like it!  I'm more of a cab or red zin guy myself, but I'm not really sure what you're supposed to drink with wings....oh yeah, beer!  Nice redo on the blog, it's a happening look.


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