Friday, March 19, 2010

what's that wet stuff?

It's raining today.
The first rain I have seen in Norway in six months. All it has done is snow in that time.
Feels very odd to be in rain again. It's a bit messy, but it's nice to know I probably won't fall on my ass on ice today!
I saw a sad thing this morning. (Well, funny sad.)
As I walked to work I passed a lady coming in the opposite direction who was slowly walking her old and baggy Basset hound. This dog was a big droopy old boy, low to the ground and solid as a boulder.
The lady walked on the ice and snow free portion of the sidewalk, whilst the dog walked on the still snowy bank. Poor dog, he was rather uncomfortable. He was so low to the ground, and so droopy, that his saggy ol'  nuts were dragging on the icy snow. He looked exactly how you would expect anything dragging its balls to look...hangdog and miserable.
I had a bit of schadenfreude for the poor old boy, I mean, I might have my problems, but at least I ain't draggin' my nuts on the ice every day when I go for a walk.
That rather cheered me up.

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