Sunday, March 07, 2010

Busier than a pig covering shit

That title would be one of my Dad's "Dadisms". He has tons of them.

"Busier than a one armed paper hanger in a windstorm".
"Weaker than a sick whore on a pisspot".
"Throw the baby out with the bath water".
"Bright eyed and bushy tailed".

I fear I must offer more apologies than blog posts lately. Its just been busy, you know? My new job, while exhilarating, interesting and rather fun, is also tiring, exhausting and all consuming. I get home from work, and then run around with the cooking dinner for the husband, catching up on personal affairs, family stuff, and the small daily home and self maintenance items that seem to accrue the older you and your flat get. I will also admit that I keep this flat cleaner than the previous one; I don't know if its because I respect it more, it having a history and a definite personality, or if it just needs more cleaning to keep its showplace appearance. It's just such a GROWN UP apartment, it needs grown up treatment. (Richard is rather helpful with the cleaning, he does dishes and today he vacuumed the whole joint, which was nice. I ran ahead and dusted hoping to knock some soot off some shelves.)

All of this makes me tired. So much to keep track of and so little time. (Also, sleep? High priority. Nothing gets in the way of me and my sleep. My name is Karla. I am a sleepaholic.)

The past few days we have had SUN. Glorious, bright, warm, golden sun. It's still ass cold outside, but you can fool yourself into thinking spring might, some day, eventually, arrive, as it is almost kinda sorta warm if you stand full on in the sun and point your face at it. By 'warm' I mean it's still 25F out there, but the sun is really quite nice.

Ah the sun. It streams in the windows, warming the flat, glowing on all the old wood floors and showing you how dirty your windows are and how desperately you need to swiffer the floors. So you grab the windex and spray it on the windows so that you can towel it off....and it FREEZES on the window. So much for spring cleaning. Well, at least you can vaccuum and get rid of the dust.

The windows, they can wait. I didn't know windex could freeze....

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