Tuesday, March 02, 2010


A few out of the ordinary things over the last few days.

1) The lady at the post office on Friday? SO NICE. It was like she just couldn't help me enough. I am not used to that in a postal setting.
2) A homeless guy on the tram was playing music loud on his jambox. (Who uses jamboxes anymore?) Anyhow, I felt right at home as he was blasting some sweet Stevie Ray Vaughn. RIP SRV. Really rather nice to hear my music from home on the tram. People were kind of enjoying it too, even though the driver told him to turn it down.
3) In another public transport related note, a lady on the platform next to me awaiting the tram rather impressed me with her multi-tasking skills. She somehow managed to talk on her cell phone (it was on speaker setting so I could hear every word she and the person on the other end screamed at each other) while PLUCKING HER CHIN WITH TWEEZERS sans mirror. I repeat, PUBLIC PLUCKING. Of her chin. On the street. Waiting for a tram. If she started plucking on her nose hairs, I would have had to take a different tram.

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