Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I didn't see any of Munich this trip.

I saw beer halls.

I saw Schneider Weisse, I saw Augustiner Keller, I saw Paulaner am Nockherberg, I saw another Paulaner bar (this one that made its brews on premises). I saw a local pub/eatery called Der Dicke Man.

I got to Munich at 1pm on Friday and was at Schneider Weisse by 3. Stayed there until 10pm, when we moved on to Augustiner Keller. Back to hotel by about midnight.

Next morning, hung over, managed to get my ass up and do an hour's worth of shopping (hello Cos!) and found the obligatory Starbucks. Back to hotel to pretty up and wedge my bosoms (which you have seen below, sorry for that, I was drunk when I sent it and too late to retract now!) into the dirndl for our two o clock seating at Paulaner am Nockherberg. (If you don't show up in time for your table reservation, they give it away on a first come first served basis. 2pm IS a bit early to start an evening of drinking, but, hey when in Germany....). Drank. Danced both on floors, on benches and on tables. Flirted with boys. Got mooned. Got groped. Did some groping of my own. Laughed and laughed. Stumbled out of Nockherberg when they closed at 11pm. Talk about getting a second wind! By the way, you have not lived until you have heard a German oompah band do a rocking version of ACDC's Highway to Hell.

Next day...up (barely) and met cousins and friends at a place recommended by one of the cousins for lunch. Der Dicke Man (The Fat Man) had ALL YOU CAN EAT SCHNITZELS. This was pretty much my husband's idea of heaven. I really thought he was thinking he was dead and returning in his idea of Valhalla. All you can eat schnitzels, with your choice of sauce and potatoes. Even I was pretty psyched about that. I loves me some jaegerschnitzel. Washed down with, yep, more beer.

Back to hotel. Nap. Bitch moan.

Back out to ANOTHER beer hall Sunday night, a different Paulaner, they brew their beers on premises, yummy non filtered, unpasteurized beers. I had the lager, it was unfiltered and a bit cloudy. Now, I don't like lagers. They tend to be too wimpy or too hoppy for me. I like dark beers, ales, stouts, bocks. This lager? Perfection. The Zwickl. Oh yummy yum yum. Even in my beer addled, hungover, seriously toxified state, this beer got my attention.

Back to hotel at 11pm.

I saw the hotel room (we stayed at the Hilton, it was nice) while I recuperated from the beer halls. I really didn't see anything else of Munich this trip (in my defense I did cover the town pretty well the past two trips.)

Left the hotel around 10:30 the next morning. Had a beer at the airport before leaving.

I don't think I want any more beer for a little while.

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