Monday, February 02, 2009

I heart Nigella

Tonight I made a dinner that I saw Nigella make on her show.

Her show is on ALL the time here. I think, for Rich, it's a bit like porn. Though he does not cook, he loves his food, and I always catch him watching her show with an avid interest. Besides the food, he also gets to watch her regularly fellate a spoon as she tastes whatever thing she cooked. It kind of cracks me up. There she is, busty as all get out, moaning as she ever so felinely licks the spoon/fork/mixing beaters she just used to whip up some simple yet alarmingly decadent creation. She gives the camera a sly sidelong look as though to say, "Yes, boys, I know you would kill to be this spoon I just made culinary love to." (All can be seen in the picture on the left. See what I mean?)

I can't say that I hate her, my husband's food porn goddess. She's curvy and busty and not a size 4 and I kind of fucking love her. Even if she does blow her utensils in front of my husband.

Anyhow, sometime this weekend, I am not sure when as I was WAY to busy trying to get my wreck of a flat back into shape (mission accomplished, it looks better than it did before) she did a really quick and simple dinner dish that looked awful damn yummy. We had the tv on while we worked. Rich was all like, "Make that! Make that!" and even went to the store to get the stuff. The store, however, was closed as it was after 6pm on a Saturday. Boo. He had to put up with frozen pizza instead.

So I got the ingredients today, after work, which were:

scallops. chorizo. a lemon.

Cut up the chorizo in small bites. Saute. Remove. Throw the scallops into the hot chorizo grease. Saute. Add back the chorizo, toss, and squeeze some lemon juice over it. Toss in a handful of fresh parsley. (I used cilantro which I like better and adds a nice freshness). Serve.

Cooking does not get any easier than that, my friends. It was way yummy. Fork fellating yummy.

I roasted some small yellowy potatoes to go with, tossed before roasting in olive oil, paprika, garlic, and a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Yum.

Thanks Nigella. I heart you. You are my food porn goddess. My husband can watch you lick your whole kitchen for all I care, as long as I get another meal like that.

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