Friday, January 30, 2009

home frigid home


We are back in the flat, trying to get it set back up and livable. Basically, it’s just like when we first moved in except the furniture is already there. Pretty much everything else has to be hoisted back into shelves, cabinets and onto the walls. My whole body hurts from re-hanging curtains, moving books, changing and washing linens and re-establishing the kitchen yesterday. Rich wanted me to come home early from work today to ‘help him’ work on the house, and I must admit I laughed rather sarcastically. What the hell was I doing all day yesterday? Help him indeed. It’s all I’ve done for two days.


Of course, right now, we sort of have to keep moving in the flat otherwise it’s too cold. The floor heat is not working, so it was 61 degrees in there all day yesterday and last night (with a brief bump up to 65 after constant borrowed electric heater usage). When I stopped moving I froze. So I danced and organized.  A plumber came to inspect the heating pipes (it’s under floor hot water) and some of the pipes were low on water, so I hope that helps. Otherwise, I don’t know WHAT to do. (Seems like a good evening for the pub.)


This week is coming up to be very, VERY cold. Highs of 10-14 fahrenheit, lows at 6. Brrrrr……. So obviously we need heat. This cold weather is scary for another reason…all this snowing, warming, snowing, melting and refreezing has ended up with some people I know getting fairly badly hurt when they fall on the ice. And these are not old people, these are incredibly athletic people. A woman I work with, a former stunt person for films you have definitely heard of, fell crossing the street and broke her ankle. So, yeah, people, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!


The good news in all this is that we FINALLY get to unpack and look at all the goodies we bought in our recent ravels. I eagerly, and with great ceremony, unwrapped the Dakon game I bought on Java yesterday. It’s so beautiful. I forgot how gorgeous it is, as it’s been wrapped in newspaper for a month and looked like a lumpy two headed mummy of a cat. But unwrapped, all the gorgeous color and gold leafing and dragon heads glow and I found myself saying ‘ah’ with pleasure when I got to see it again after so long. I remembered why I fell in love with it, HAD to have it and why I schlepped that damned cumbersome thing around for so long! (before and after pictures to follow.)


I’ll also get to hang all the gorgeous textiles, paintings and hangings I got as well. Since our flat is 75% windows, it will be hard to find the wall space, but believe me, they are all getting put up and displayed. Rich has about a metric ton of stone stuff he bought for which shelf space will need to be found as well. He always comes back from travels with rocks, carvings and things that are very heavy yet strangely fragile. Makes my shoe habit positively sensible. (Yes, I did buy 5 pairs of shoes in Thailand and Bali, including a pair of painted and etched leather dragon sandals. Yeah, dragons, even spitting fire from their little leather dragon mouths!)


All the shoes I bought? Sandals. Somehow it’s just not as much fun buying boots. Hey, only 5 more months till I can wear them!





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