Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well that sure as hell didn't work out like i had planned

The electricity went out while I was in the middle of cooking dinner. This had an unfortunate knock on effect on our dinner plans.
  • The beef satay was overcooked and dry (it had been broiling and was left in the oven as we scampered about trying to get the lights back on);
  • the rice burned (see above, timer was out so didn't know how long it hgad been cooking.)(I usually make good rice);
  • The peanut sauce was not very good, had a strange flavor I did not like (note to self, find peanut sauce recipe to be made from scratch);
  • The wine was too peachy (rosé).
This is the third time the electricity has gone out this weekend. The building we live in is still being worked on; they are working from our deck to replace a beam in the ceiling of the flat under us. They have put an electric heater (powered by our outside plug) out on the deck to keep an area covered by a tarp warm and snow free. This would be ok, except, nobody asked us if they could use our electricity THAT WE PAY FOR to keep a high powered, high wattage heater running 24/7. And, it seems, this same high wattage heater is blowing our fuses. I am annoyed with this. Plus, hello, fire risk? It's not snowing now, the heater is unneccessary, so I unplugged the damn thing. I'm tired of my electricity going out!

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