Sunday, February 22, 2009

Geeking out in a carnivorous way

Have forged a new and improved relationship with Twitter. (I still haven't figured out why I can't tweet from my phone anymore, which is a bummer, but will eventually get fixed. Telenor have sent me a new SIM card, thinking that might be the problem, but in their infinite wisdom have not yet sent me the password required to make the damned thing work. Which is being sent separately for 'security purposes'. Yep, it's secure alright. So secure not even I can use it. Why are all media companies, phone companies, etc., worldwide so frigging annoying?) Ok, anyhow, back to happy place. Haaapppyy pllaaacccce.

I have discovered some twitter streams from some people I very highly admire, them being:

John Cleese
Stephen Fry
Neil Gaiman

I found them via this great article on Times UK listing the 50 top celebrity tweeters. Thanks Times!

I could also follow Britney, Misha and Demi, but I prefer my tweets to be a bit more enlightening than "OMFG y'all! I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute! –Britney". William Shatner also twitters. THIS? Russell Brand also twitters. I hope for some good scurrilous naughtiness from him.

And from John Cleese's twitter feed I discovered his podcast!

I'm in pig heaven.

Well, actually (might as well use that as a transition) beef heaven. Just cut up some loverly red indrefilet (nice cut of red meat) to marinate for tonight's meal, beef satay. With peanut sauce. Because we are not allergic to peanuts and we love them! We love them LOTS! And meat! We love MEAT! In fact, I am on a carnivorous high. Nothing like cutting up some yummy cow while Soundgarden and Marilyn Manson and Fluke blasts in the background. Does this little black goth heart proud. Grrr baby GRRR! (We'll have some veggies and rice with it as well. See? I am a vegetarian too.)

Maybe I just needed a little color injection what with living in this white white snow bound world. Sort of sad that red meat is the most color I get to experience today. GOD I am so sick of snow. Sure it's pretty now, but that shit has got to melt sometime and then? Then it's a world of mud and slush. I was going to go for a walk today and take pictures of the snow bound world, but it started snowing AGAIN. So I did some organizing and red meat cutting instead.

I guess I can get some more color by sorting my laundry and doing that. Colors, whites, blacks. Sigh.

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