Thursday, February 12, 2009

posting because I should

I just realized it's been 4 days since my last confession, er, blog post.

Sorry, time got away. Work is getting wacky, my team is exponentially increasing and I am having to spend some time smacking people down and saying things like, 'No I am NOT your bitch, you can do that yourself', and other such nice-isms that make me feel stressed. Better to establish borders and expectations now then get pissed off later. But it is hard to say no, even if it is for my own sanity.

And it's FUCKING COLD outside and I am so tired of pants and socks and boots and sweaters and coats and CLOTHES. I feel so hemmed in and closed up and covered up and I just want to BREATHE in loose lightweight clothes and warm (not interior) air. I want to run free and not fear that I am going to break my ass or my back on the ice. I want to NOT ITCH. I did sign up for a work sponsored yoga class that starts in a couple weeks, I have high hopes for that. Maybe I can wear loose clothes and breathe then. Possibly even not itch for a little while. Damn all this wool.

Speaking of wool....and, to stretch that thought, berets....we are off to Paris this weekend. yes, Valentine's in Paris. Awww.....

But, if you know Europe, February is about as unromantic a month as can exist, so Paris is going to be cold and grey, judging by the forecast, with chance of snow. (Though, it sure won't be colder than here, that I know.) We are flying into Charles de Gaulle, the armpit of the universe, so I don't have much hope of a nice travel experience. Every time I have gone through that airport I have ended up pissed off, confused and sans luggage. I am hoping, however that it will be of short duration so that upon arrival and for the rest of the weekend I can:

  • Drink enough red wine to replace my blood with it
  • Eat entrecote and frittes until I can't stand the sight of them
  • Stroll about in langorous walks along the Seine (snow permitting), arm in arm with my husband.
  • Poke about in the Marais district
  • Drink more red wine, possibly change it up a bit with rosé
  • Say bonjour to every damn person who crosses my path
  • See if I can get some tickets to see Dita von Teese at the Crazy Horse.
  • (Ok that last one might be hard to do.)
  • Kiss my husband on Valentine's Day.
  • (That one seems pretty possible.)
Ok I am starting to feel better. I think I have major cabin fever and getting away will be a nice refresher. I'm packing underwear in my carry on, though, as a precaution for when they do lose my luggage. Better to be safe than stuck with dirty underwear.

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