Saturday, February 07, 2009

In general

Well I DID send a picture from my phone to the blog yesterday but it never showed up, so excuse my lack of post yesterday. It was just a picture of yet another winter scene. HOLY CRAP is it snowing out there. I'll take some photos later and post them. Some of the piles of snow from the snow moving are 15 feet high. this shit ain't gonna melt until the end of summer at this rate.

Summer. Sigh. It DOES exist, doesn't it?

I'm currently downloading my pictures from SE Asia onto the external hard drive. It's taking a long time. 4 gigs of photos on the first card, (1300 pics) and the second card holds 8 gigs but I am pretty sure I didn't fill that one up, so lets say another 700 more. So almost 2000 photos from that trip. Skippy the Wonder Camera (my Lumix, LOVE MY LUMIX) really does take beautiful shots, though maybe I can also credit my eye for a little of that. So for the next few weeks you can look forward to (or dread, whichever way you go) pictures off Cambodia, Luala Lumpur, Bali, Java, Railay Beach and surrounding areas, and whatever the hell else I snapped on my little wonder camera.

This blog reached a landmark this week. Over 200k hits. Thank you all for visiting. (Or finding me through whatever wierdo search you are doing on google. Yes, I do use naughty words.) I see others with MILLIONS of hits but I am not that ambitious. I just like to have a few folks who come by every so often to say hi, that I can also say hi to via this little web diary. My kind of party, intimate and cozy.

On Thursday I had a departmental dinner with my work group. Me and my boys (8 of the 12 I have on my team) all went out for steaks at a place in Oslo, called Trancher. (If you live in Oslo, that is a good place for a steak. The wine and the service was very good too. Can recomend. Good boy food.) It's interesting, working with all boys. I mean, I've always been an earthier sort of gal, so boys don't make me nervous or shy or anything. And a dirty joke never offends me. Which is good as my boys tell some doozies. I've gotten used to living in boy land. Most of my friends here are boys as well (though I do have a small cadre of very awesome female friends, and you gals know who you are) and I feel like I am an honorary boy, except with much better tits. It's fun being the female in the midst of boys as it's like having a bunch of brothers but you can also flirt a little and enjoy being a girl at the same time.

Not sure why I am on that tangent. Guess I was just thinking of the high school me and how I used to think boys were a foreign species. I tried so hard to make them like me, when, if I had just relaxed and been myself, it would have been fine.

Tonight I am going to go watch a rugby game at an Irish bar in Oslo and eat chinese food. Amongst the attendees will be Irish, English, American, Norwegian, Scottish, Swiss, South African and I am sure some other nationalities. Of course, we will all root for the Irish team. I don't want to get my butt kicked for rooting for the other team by someone named Paddy. Or by someone named Eileen. (grin)

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