Friday, February 29, 2008

random and a bye bye

Randomness today. Set your brain on 'shuffle'.
There is an interesting article in the Aftenposten about some naughty Brits in Northern Norway.  There is a stereotype in Europe about groups of British men who take cheap flights on RyanAir, etc., go somewhere like Prague where the beer is cheap, and totally misbehave. This pretty much ties into that stereotype. Behave, boys! And why on earth would you get that drunk in Norway? It ain't cheap here!
My new phone is smarter than me. I got it yesterday (one day turnaround for our IT dept, man they rule!) and I've been flummoxed ever since. It does everything but wash dishes. It might even do that, for all I know. The instructions manual is 170 pages long. Holy crap! I will now be forced to learn about BlueTooth, WLAN, GPS, and all that other techy phone connectivity stuff that usually makes me stick my head in the sand and holler until someone just makes it work for me. Between this phone and my job, my brain is hurtin' from all the larnin'.
My Mac is still away. I miss my iTunes.
Off to Munich this afternoon. I still don't really feel up for traveling, but I bet I will perk up once I get to my Mother Land (well, Mother's land, actually, it's Mom who is the real Kraut, I'm just half). I always feel an affinity for Germany, culturally it feels comfortable. And my German is just good enough to get me in trouble. But not good enough to get me out of it.
OK, that's it for now. Today has been a really busy day, all told, and I still have to get one a plane!
Check my Flickr (see link, to the left) over the next few days. I plan to send pictures from the new phone to it as a sort of running photo blog. Who knows what will show up?

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