Thursday, February 21, 2008

clawing my way forwards and back

I went to work for a few hours yesterday. Not sure if it was good or a mistake. I am going to take off today and tomorrow, though, as my head is killing me and the lethargy is pretty overwhelming.

It was good to see everybody at work, and I did get some needed things done, so that was good. Also, everyone was SO NICE. If you grow up in America, it's seen as a bit of a cop out to be sick from work, like, it's a necessary evil, but only kind of the wimpy ones do it (that's how you feel, anyhow), and certainly more than two or three days is not really done. (And that might be your whole sick leave for the year, one or two days). Even flu is a one or two day affair and you better be back and working soon!

 But here, people just ask how you are, if you are better, good to see you, and wow, this flu HAS sucked, hasn't it, and that's it. No guilt, in fact they just assumed I would not be in this week either and were surprised to see me. One of my co workers is still recovering from this flu after more than three weeks (he's pale and coughing like me) and my other one is just now getting it and I could see it all over him. We'll see him in two weeks. We probably should get a doctor's note, just to show that we aren't dying, that we can come back to work soon and that we haven't been in Barbados for two weeks, but it is nice to be treated like I'm not a loser, just a poor fucker who got stuck with the flu from hell.

I have to get better, though, and not in 4 weeks, like some say it takes to get over this, because we are going to Munich next weekend and i have to be able to have SOME energy, even if I won't be drinking like I had planned. I'm sort of thinking i need to cut back on the booze by a lot, it's been a bit much lately and it is kind of nice to feel free of it for almost two weeks now.  Also, I like me a bit skinnier and would like to keep it that way. Losing that 8 lbs was hard work and I am not about to put it back on!


Routines are alright, I guess. I just don't want them every day.

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