Sunday, February 03, 2008


Man has the weather been STRANGE lately.

Take Friday, for instance.

Rain. Snow. Rain. Snow. Rain. Snow. Pause. Rainsnowrainsnowsnowsnow BIG FUCKING SNOW. Snow "flakes" so big they were more like snow biscuits, or snow bombs. Al Qaeda snow. Attack snow. These big wet splatting snow bombs that would smack and splat all over you until you were soaked and cold. I've never seen snow that big. Then it stopped snowing. And the wind came in. Within two hours, all the wet and snow of the day (about 7 inches worth all told, between the rain snow melt etc.) was blown away and the sidewalks were dry as a bone.

Saturday morning? Snow. I went to work out in the early afternoon (SUN!!!) and the sidewalk to the gym was treacherous with freshly shoveled snow over ice. They hadn't graveled it after shoveling. It was like walking on an ice rink covered in feathers...any minute you knew you were done for.

This morning.....snow overnight followed by more snow all morning. A good 8 inches. Seems like it is sticking.

Snow. I'm still not good at walking in it. It's not genetically in me.

I've started watching season one of Six Feet Under. Not sure if I am going to work all the way through all the seasons or not. Might be a bit depressing watching for someone who is having a depressing winter already. But there aren't 6 seasons of "Cheer the Fuck Up You Old Bitch" so I gotta go with what I have.

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