Thursday, February 21, 2008

don't mess with bagels, please


I dragged myself to the local grocery store hoping they might have some Everything bagels. Sometimes they have them, and I must say they do a pretty good job of them. They have other kinds too, wierd ones, that I avoid, because a bagel should be sort of chewy and crispy and basic, no fluff and not too much whole grainyness. (Much as I love whole grain in other stuff.)

When I got there, they had some... I was psyched. But then, on closer analysis, the bagels were "Everything and jalapeno".

Everything and jalapeno? WTF?

I don't WANT Everything and jalapeno. I want Everything. Just Everything. Not Everything and jalapeno, Everything and paprika, wholegrain Everything and fucking pumpkins seeds. (The other day the "everything bagels" were whole grain with all these seeds and shit on top and they were NOT everything. They were OTHER thing.)

Why can't Norwegian cooks LEAVE SHIT ALONE. Just like they have food traditions here that no one messes with, bagels have their own traditions too and Everything bagels with jalapenos is just RIGHT OUT. It's bad enough they add parsley to the salsa, corn to the nachos and spinach to the tortillas....leave the damned bagels alone!


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