Monday, February 25, 2008


Well, between the Flu from Hell and some pretty severe problems with the Mac's Airport wireless card, I have been a very bad blogger. Sorry. I either didn't feel like blogging or couldn't. I finally got on the phone with Apple (yeah for me, I still have almost a year left on AppleCare) and we did some stuff, including an archived reinstall of the OS, but none of it worked and the airport is as wonky as ever. I fear the next step is the dreaded Mailing In of the Mac.
Anyhow, be that as it may, I am hereby stealing (yet again) from Mr David Simmer, he of Blogography fame, and stealing his meme, 6 Quirks About Me.
Six Quirks About Me
1) I will only eat fresh, in fact, under-ripe fruit. If it's baked, boiled, canned, or otherwise touched by heat in any way, it will not be eaten by me. Yes, this includes pies, people. I will eat raspberry jam if it is not too lumpy.
2) I am afraid of monkeys, simians, apes, or anything of a monkey.proto human nature. I am also completely grossed out by anything with more than four legs or an exoskeleton, which includes all crustaceans and most bugs. (Crustaceans are nothing but giant water roaches, anyhow, and EW how nasty is THAT?)
3) I am a happy drunk, which rapidly changes to a sleepy drunk. Once I reach a certain point in an evening, I go rapidly from life of the party to girl who just wants to go home. I've been known to hit the sleep wall within five minutes. Then, NO ONE can keep me at the party, it's time for Cinderella to become a pumpkin. But I am never a mean drunk, not ever. I just...shut down.
4) I am very texturally sensitive. This applies to food, fabrics, anything you can touch. Food can't be mealy or lumpy (hence aversion to baked fruit) and I am SUCH a snob about fabrics, I can't even tell you. When shopping for clothes, texture comes first even over color or pattern.
5) I have 'sneeze hairs'. These are hairs in my right eyebrow and in the hair just at the edge of my forehead, where, if you pull just the right one,  I will sneeze.
6) I will spend an hour getting dressed and putting on makeup,  but if my hair takes more than 10 minutes, that is too much. I hate messing about with hair. Not that mine looks any different if I spend 5 minutes or an hour on it, anyhow.

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