Monday, January 21, 2008

no excuses about voting now, expats!

American expats can now vote online.
Go to Democrats Abroad and join up by Feb 1 so you can vote too. And it does not cost anything to be a no excuses not to joIn!
My honest hope is that Obama and Clinton will join up and run as Prez and Vice Prez...and I honestly don't care all that much who is what (though I lean towards Obama as Prez), as long as we don't have another Republican. Ron Paul is interesting, my Dad sure likes him, but I don't think he will get enough votes, no matter how high the hopes are. The US is a two party system and people are too afraid to vote any other way. And the system doesn't really support any other way anyhow.
I won't come home if another Republican gets voted in, so if you want me to ever move back to Texas, ya better get your vote on! (This means of course, if you hate me, vote Republican. Kick your own self in the ass!)


Routines are alright, I guess. I just don't want them every day.

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