Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Insatiable Lust

Heh. How's that for a title that will grab your attention?
Last night I could hardly sleep because I wanted my mochachocalattayaya coffee so much. Seriously. I couldn't wait to get up and have one. My 'kafe mocha med lett melk og vanilla' is so addictive. I especially like the ones made by the guy at the local mall, his coffee is the best.  I think he puts crack in it. I really do. I'm like a whore on penicillin.....I just gotta have my shot!
In other news, yesterday I went out and bought our first piece of electronic equipment in AGES. I bought a new (and very tiny) reciever so that I could listen to my records, connect my iPod, watch dvd's with better sound and play cd's. Up until now we had been using my birthday present to me circa 1995...the old Sony system with the five cd revolving disc changer. I will say that stereo sounded AWESOME and gave us many years of good service, but it was time to move on. Ol' Bessie was sent to the charnel house. As were the speakers. Our house was silent and we had a big hole in the bookshelf to fill (though it matched the big friggin' hole in the wall....).
So I went to the local audiophile store (I'm old enough now that I want SERVICE and someone knowledgeable to talk to, not the take a number and take what you can get approach of so many of the stores here). I was the only chick in the whole joint, the place was all full of nerdy guys and one wierd nose-picker who were practically wetting themselves over audiophilic minutia. (Stereophile wanking.)
Of course, getting someone to help me took a while, I mean, everyone knows GIRLS aren't into stereos, so I stood around and pouted for a bit, but I finally flagged down a guy to help me (Thor!) and he totally was awesome. He knew the products, understood what I wanted and managed to keep me within budget. (Ok so I splurged on the speakers a bit, but they just sounded so much better than the lower level ones I had thought I would get.)
One thing I like about Norway, when you DO get service, it's not about how much money  you spend, it's about getting the best choice for you, and they will help you get just the right thing whether you spend five kroner or five thousand kroner. (That's probably a symptom of them generally not working on commission.) Plus I figured the place vetted the products they sold pretty thoroughly anyhow, music and sound quality being a religion in some circles, so I knew I was starting off from a pretty high level of quality. Whatever, it was a very pleasant experience.
And so I got a Denon F102 receiver and some Dali Concept 2 speakers. (As I found out later, the speakers had been voted *Bookshelf Speakers of the Year* by some German audiophile magazine or other.)
Let the dancing begin!

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