Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Copmparison of Norway vs Austin food prices, part two

I'm back from the grocery store and have gotten the Norwegian prices for all the items on the Austin list. I tried to pick the cheapest storebrand and/or the most comparable to US standards. Exceptions noted below.

JANUARY FOOD PRICES (Austin vs Norway)

Austin Norway(USD/nok)
1-pound bag whole carrots 79 cents ($1.65/9nok)
1 head green leaf lettuce, conventional not organic $1.59 ($2.38/13nok)
2 pounds fresh broccoli $3.58 ($5.50/30nok)
2 pounds Red Delicious apples, medium $2.58 ($3.66/20nok)
1 dozen large eggs, Grade A $1.99 ($4.40/24nok)
1 gallon nonfat milk $4.29* ($8.80/48nok)
1 pound unsalted butter $1.99 ($3.66/ 20nok)
16-ounce loaf whole wheat bread $1.66 ($5.31/29nok)
4-pound bag granulated sugar $1.52** ($5.13/28nok)
12-ounce can frozen orange juice concentrate $1.39*** ($3.85/21nok)
15.5-ounce can kidney beans 48 cents ($2.75/15nok)
10-ounce can chicken noodle soup 75 cents# ($4.41/24nok)
18-ounce box corn flakes 99 cents ($3.66/20nok)
18-ounce jar smooth peanut butter $1.57 ($4.21/23nok)
1-pound bag dried lentils 59 cents ($4.59/25nok)
1-quart jar mayonnaise (Hellman's/Best Foods) $3.17 ($5.68/31nok)
1 pound ground beef, lowest fat percentage (per-pound price) $3.99 ($9.17/50nok)
1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breasts (per-pound price) $3.99 ($17.23/94nok)
1 (4-roll) package 2-ply toilet paper 99 cents ($4.59/25nok)
13-ounce can ground coffee, Folgers $2.99 ($3.49/19nok)
TOTAL $40.89 $104.12

*Milk is sold in litres, and 4 litres is around a gallon, so I did 4 of them at 12 nok each.
**Sugar sold in Kilos, around 2.2 lbs, so did two of those at 14 nok each.
***FCOJ not sold here, had to do a litre of fresh.
#They don't sell chicken noodle soup in cans ANYWHERE, so did cream of chicken.

Obviously it is very expensive to eat chicken, beef or lentils and to wipe your ass in Norway. It's not so expensive to drink coffee, or eat fruit and vegetables.

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