Wednesday, January 30, 2008

interesting price comparison challenge

I was reading the Austin American Statesman and they had an article about food prices having gone up in the past year, and how this was affecting a family of nine. I am posting their 20 item comparison list here. Tonight I will go to the grocery store here in Norway and see how much things cost as compared to Austin prices. I bet it will be interesting to see the difference! For right now, here are the Austin prices and I stuck the Austin price in kroners on the end. Wait til you see the Norwegian prices!


2007 2008 usd/nok
1-pound bag whole carrots 68 cents 79 cents /4nok
1 head green leaf lettuce, conventional not organic $1.49 $1.59 /8nok
2 pounds fresh broccoli $3.84 $3.58 /18nok
2 pounds Red Delicious apples, medium $2.58 $2.58 /15nok
1 dozen large eggs, Grade A $1.32 $1.99 /11nok
1 gallon nonfat milk $3.17 $4.29 /24nok
1 pound unsalted butter $1.89 $1.99 /11nok
16-ounce loaf whole wheat bread $1.79 $1.66 /9nok
4-pound bag granulated sugar $1.56 $1.52 /8nok
12-ounce can frozen orange juice concentrate $1.29 $1.39 /7nok
15.5-ounce can kidney beans 44 cents 48 cents /3nok
10-ounce can chicken noodle soup 99 cents 75 cents /4nok
18-ounce box corn flakes 99 cents 99 cents /5.5nok
18-ounce jar smooth peanut butter $1.80 $1.57 /8nok
1-pound bag dried lentils 50 cents 59 cents /3nok
1-quart jar mayonnaise (Hellman's/Best Foods) $2.98 $3.17 /17nok
1 pound ground beef, lowest fat percentage (per-pound price) $3.89 $3.99 /22nok
1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breasts (per-pound price) $3.99 $3.99 /22nok
1 (4-roll) package 2-ply toilet paper $1.14 99 cents /5.5nok
13-ounce can ground coffee, Folgers $3.19 $2.99 /16.5nok
TOTAL $39.52 $40.89 221nok
I can already tell that is ridiculously cheap by Norwegian standards. I wonder if I can even find peanut butter and a can of noodle soup?

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