Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm in LURVE

Oh people. People people people!

I'm in love. With a pair of speakers. Who knew a love could be so strong? So full of glorious high notes? So full of bass?

I always thought our old speakers were good. They were big. They were loud. There was bass. What else do ya want?

Oh. Yeah. Maybe things like details and high notes and low notes and that ineffable quality of clarity where you can hear the singer take a breath or the guitarist's fingers on the string a split second before he hits the note?

Holy CRAP these new speakers are nice. They are considered fairly entry level in the whole audiophilic universe.....can you imagine what more expensive ones can do? I'm pretty sure my downstairs neighbors hate us already!

I can only compare the old speakers to a 70's American muscle car. Thumpy, rumbly, powerful...but finesse? Not so much. There's fast or not fast, loud or not so loud. Pick one. There's the button.

The new speakers? Ah. A finely tuned turbo Audi A-6 that keens on the downshifts and roars when you pass that slow guy on the autobahn....all while you hear the whisper of your own breath add the subtle hum of your air conditioner. (Hmm....I think I need to go driving sometime soon.)

Anyhow, this new system has worked a treat. I can totally listen to the iPod, the turntable (I only buy sound systems that have a dedicated "phono" setting, I will never give up on vinyl, baby!), the DVD or the CD and all sound great. I haven't reached the full loudness of the speakers yet, though I think they go to 11. Unfortunately, I think our neighbors probably only go to 6.

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