Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Stayed home sick from work today. I have a recurring low grade fever that makes me feel funky. Hit me again at work yesterday and I decided, fuck it, staying home if this starts again tomorrow, which it did. So I took the hint, slept late, and will go to bed early again. This gal needs rest. Soon I'll take a hot bath and retire for another early evening. I'm missing my book club meeting, but would rather not push it right now.

In between my resting and napping activities of today I did some little simple things to get ready for the Big Company Formal Party this weekend. (I'm on the planning committee, so I hope it turns out to be a smashing success. We have 300 people attending!) Anyhow, I made my earrings and necklace, and my hairpieces which are hairsticks with feathers on them. Let me tell you, those feathers are slippery little fuckers, trying to corral them was an exercise in patience. I can totally see how birds fly, those feathers were floating EVERYWHERE, but I got them corralled and made my hairsticks. Am now slightly afraid that the long black feathers sticking off my head will look like funeral plumes from Victorian funeral corteges, but whatever, my theme for the party is Feathers and Cleavage, and while the cleavage part is sorted, the feathers need to be addressed. Not that anyone will look at my head once the cleavage makes its entrance......

I do say, when I get to pull out all the stops and Really Dress Up, it usually looks pretty good. This gal can carry off a formal gown, it's one of the few times my rather curvaceous figure gets to wear something where the idea is to flatter the curves and show them off, not make them fit into whatever the prevailing fashion is (like, hello skinny fucking jeans, this means you). Which is why I love dressing up, suddenly I can be Woman with Woman parts and Woman curves, all boobs and hips and waist and eyes, so yeeha for dressy occasions! I'm even gonna wear contacts!

People won't recognize will be fun to see the reactions.

But first, I gotta fight this fever off.


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