Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A good movie, fluffy snow and the Shoe Fairy

Last night I went with some friends to see "The King's Speech". Ah, what a wonderful movie. It pushed all my buttons: The Colin Firth button, the English History button, the Moving Story button, the Humor button, and the Using Naughty Words button (in a humorous way, so extra points on that button.


We saw the movie in the town we used to live in before moving to Oslo proper. (I still miss our old flat, though I love this one too.) It snowed all day, both in Oslo and there. What surprised me was the difference in snow within just a few miles...quality? Viscosity? Density? I don't know the word for it. Anyhow, the Oslo snow was dense, a bit gritty, maybe even sticky. It stuck together in piles, melding to whatever it fell on. The snow outside Oslo? Most gorgeous thing I ever saw. Fluffy, glittery, was like sparkly dandelion fluff. It kissed and hovered over whatever it fell on, like feathers or baby's breath. It looked exactly like the fake snow you see in department store windows at Christmas in Texas (which I am very familiar with as I used to design department store windows and used TONS of that snow.) I lifted some up with my finger and it sat there, each flake distinct and perfect, and then I blew it away and it floated on the air like diamonds. Extraordinary. What you think snow is like if you have never seen snow. I wish all snow looked like that.

I got to work today and a coworker of mine, who always wears GREAT boots, left a pair of boots she didn't want for me in my office. We wear the same size (41 Europe, I am a 9 1/2 US). Apparently we have big feet for Norway, and we decided to do shoe swaps whenever we have shoes we might want to give away. Anyhow, so she leaves me this STUNNING pair of brown boots, two shades of brown, very lush leather, with sheepskin lining up to the knee and lug soles. These boots are NOT cheap and were comfortable from the second I wore them. I think I want to be buried in them. She hadn't worn them in 2 years....and I am the beneficiary of her disdain for this pair. But how in the hell am I going to reciprocate what must be a $400 pair of boots? I offered her money, she said no. I am SO in love with these boots. The Shoe Fairy came to visit me, and I must've been a good girl to deserve her visit.

A coworker that I work very closely with is down for the count with flu. I am a bit worried about it maybe lurking in me. I hope I don't catch it. It's been a bad year for the sickies.

OH, and yesterday I went and tried on swimming suits and it was so depressing I instead bought a dress and a huge, enveloping cozy sweater. I will just wear my old "booty loose" swimsuits on my upcoming a place to be announced.

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  1. Jaymo2:38 AM

    Wow, the Shoe Fairy knocked it out of the park!


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