Monday, February 21, 2011

To every Texas Republican in office: We won't forget this

I am incandescent with rage over this bill to "Protect Our Women".

Let me make this crystal clear, Texas Republicans:

I am NOT "your" woman. I am NOBODY'S woman. I am a fully competent human being who is able to make my own decisions regarding MY BODY and I don't need your help to protect me from ANY decision I make regarding myself, my health, my uterus or my reproductive system or the choices I make thereof.

You cannot force me into participating in a medical procedure to give me 'information' I do not want. You cannot force me to watch or listen to something that is only meant to condescendingly try to make me doubt a decision that I already agonized over and have made with full knowledge of myself, my future and my desires for MY life. If this sort of thing were performed on a man, if he was forced to see something he did not want to see, it would be considered torture and an unusual form of punishment. What if they did something like that to prisoners or people at Abu Graib? The outcry would be tremendous. WHY IS OK TO DO THIS TO WOMEN? American women who PAY TAXES AND ONLY WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIVES?

I would like to take you, Texas Senator Dan Patrick, and I would like to make you drop your pants, spread your legs, and prop your legs up on stirrups with someone staring at your privates. I would then like to shove a condom-covered dildo up your ass and make you lie there, vulnerable and spread eagled and be berated for a decision you have already made, and be told that you are wrong, and by subtext tell you that you don't know your own mind, AND I would like to then tell you that this is for your OWN PROTECTION because you, silly little Senator, obviously need protecting from yourself by a big strong Republican Senate. And I would like to force you to watch me while I tell you this, force you to hear my words, while my hand is up your ass, hear my words doubting you AS A SENTIENT HUMAN WITH YOUR OWN MIND AND FEELINGS AND DECISIONS. Then honey, you can put your pants on and go back to life and feel safe that your government is protecting you.

Protecting you from yourself.

Fuck you Texas. Fuck you Senator Patrick. Fuck you and your torture of women.



  2. Karla May11:26 AM

    Damn, you rock.

  3. Mary Ann11:38 AM

    Oh my gosh, you go girl!

  4. zunzun12:04 PM

    Makes me sick....and a little frightened....anything that smacks of being treated like a child or having things done on my behalf because I don't know my pretty delicate little mind or for "my own good" desguised as providing information is a rape of my freedom...freedom that has been so hard earned.

  5. Now don't you go worrying your pretty little head over complicated things like this. You just focus on keeping a clean house and making sure there's dinner on the table when your husband gets home. The men will get this all sorted out and let you know what rights you have once they've had a chance to decide what's best for you. Okay? Atta girl!

    It's like we're trapped in an episode of "Mad Men."

  6. Yeah, sometimes it's okay to be far from home...when the folks at home are acting like raving d-heads.

  7. Kristen12:48 PM

    It makes me want to move far away. To somewhere that is not as cold as Norway. How can I rear a child here, Karla? Seriously, how can I reconcile being this far at odds with my state? 

  8. Kristen12:52 PM

    And now they have voted to arm college students with guns. I'm flabbergasted. All of this after they are about to close the school Graham is to attend next year. 

    And, as you know, our bread is very specifically buttered right here in Austin. I love Austin, but I'm so incredibly ashamed. 

  9. Ms. Blake3:07 PM

    Damn Straight!  Senator Patrick's thinking completely frightens me.

  10. geologyrider12:04 PM

    This bill amounts to bullying women at a time when they are extremely vulnerable and may have the least amount of support from family and friends.  Hello, most people DO change their minds under duress!  I'm so ashamed to be living in this state!  Is Texas willing to foot the bill for all the children that will be born to unwilling or unprepared mothers and families due to this bill?  I seriously doubt it.


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