Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Which Your Texpatriate is Miserable



I am a sad sack mother fucker up in here right now. So far, I give 2011 a big thumbs down.
  • Work has been a right pain in the ass. Things will shake out, but for now? Argh.
  • I have been sick since New Years with one cold after another.
  • Nasty argument with the husband the other night, we are not seeing eye to eye on things.
  • Winter and the icy sidewalks are working my LAST nerve.
  • A highly anticipated vacation to escape all this ice and cold might be on the skids as it will be to one of those places that is currently experiencing protests and anti-government rallies. (But I bet we will go anyhow, and no it is not to Tunisia, Yemen (ha) or Egypt.)
So far 2011 is a big fat FAIL in the Karla Book of Suck.

I think the thing that is pissing me off the most right now is this damned cold that keeps coming back. I'm like that nerdy kid at school when you were like, in third grade, that was always snotty and sniffy and kind of gross what with the post nasal drip and snerking noises (I just made that word up, snerk. It's the sound of nasal desperation. The sound of trying not to drown in your own nasal effluent. ARE WE GETTING THE PICTURE HERE, ABOUT THE MISERABLE????) And you wonder why they can't just GET HEALTHY already? That's me. (Actually, if we are gonna be honest, that was me in 3rd grade too, I was the Sinus Princess, my ENT doc probably put his kids through college on what he made off me, you are welcome Dr Graff.)

So anyhow, that's why I don't post much lately, because, seriously, why? You don't want to read about my snot issues. Or see my snot tissues.



  1. zunzun2:49 PM

    Sounds like your immune system is really out of whack....hope things start to turn up soon. 

  2. Jaymo8:55 AM

    Man, that blows.  You're in a funk all right.  I can't stand it either when I get more than one's like so unfair!  Go make someone else miserable!  Sounds like you need a little spa treatment or something, or maybe a huge dose of sunshine and warmth!

  3. We're looking at moving to Oslo, Bergen, Uppsala or Stockholm and I found your blog while I was doing my homework.  I'm an Austinite living in Brisbane.  I hope your nose feels better soon.

  4. Michele2:47 PM

    Aw, dude, your life is majorly sucking right now and that, well, sucks! I hope your work calms the fuck down ASAP and that you start feeling better STAT. So many people are sick all around us, you're probably just sniffing up the germs that keep recycling around the buses or whatever. And that arguing with the husband thing---OMG, so hear that. It's cabin fucking fever at my house. Summer, wherefore art thou? xxoo

  5. karlakp5:40 AM

    Steph, thanks for the nasal sympathy. I'd moveto STockholm is I had the choice, shppping and prices are soooo much better than here, though judging by ll the Swedes working in Oslo, I bet the job market is substantially better here! Scandinavia is way different from Austin or Australia!.

  6. And you don't even get to schlep bags full of cold remedies home from CVS...cause there is no CVS. You just have to sit there and bitch at the suggestions to take "solhatt".

  7. karlakp9:23 AM

    Hahahahah! True! So true! Or to take a walk in the woods, that is the other 'cure'. yeah, no thanks. Too icy and right now it's snowing....

  8. Karen ( Blogless Scottish Beastie!)10:22 AM

    Karla. Try Lemon Tea... trust me it heals everything...but if that does not work please take my words as medicines.

    The first year of 2011 has not been your friend but there is 11 more which will be wonderful and amazing!

    We will have to get another get together of us ex pats sipping on the bad juice and rejoice in what we can find good in the world.

    I hate the pavements, we can't call them sidewalks cause we can bloody walk on them!!!!!

    Take Care and remember sometimes it's a bitch,sometimes's its a breeze. Sometimes loves blind and sometimes it sees. Sometimes its roses and sometimes it weeds... Sometimes it a bitch , sometimes its a breeze.


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