Saturday, February 19, 2011

This? This is important.

If you believe that millions of Americans; women, men and teens, deserve the right to family planning, pre-natal services, cancer screenings, STD prevention education and/or treatment, contraceptive services, and yes, abortions, please sign Planned Parenthood's online petition.
Don't let the reactionary conservative politicians take away this resource from millions of Americans! We still have the power to fight for what is right! Use it!


  1. I'm so angry I can barely breathe, and tweeting right and left...and if I had any money right now, I'd donate a solid chunk to PP. When did Repugnicans go from being conservative and backwards to being deranged and purely evil? If they plan to outlaw BC, abortion and any and all help for poor mothers/families, what exactly do they expect people to do, other than become nuns? Are they all closeted gays, pedophiles and goat afficionados in Congress, or what? Oh wait.

  2. karlakp2:26 AM

    I want to move back home but the way the US is going, I am afraid I will just be angry all the time. Why are the Republicans waging war on women?

  3. I want to move too, but this scares the shit out of me - and yeah, that is what all sane people are wondering... This article from Alternet might have an explanation (yikes):


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