Tuesday, February 08, 2011

eventful to me but probably boring to you

Well it's been a busy few days.

We had our company formal party on Saturday (my company, not Rich's) and it was a big hit. I was on the party committee. As you can see, I take my job seriously. I don't think you can see the feathers in my hair that stuck up above my head about 5 inches? I looked a bit like a Victorian actress or something.

Our oven broke on Thursday, but I gotta say, our building manager and landlord are pretty cool and got us a new one by today. When we moved in the refrigerator broke, so now we are up a new oven and a fridge. I'm hoping the dishwasher goes next, and then score! new kitchen!

I've been busy busy with work. I thought this year might be a bit easier after a few upheavals and a lot of change from last year, but I think this year will be even busier than last and damn, it gets tiring. Exhilarating, but tiring. I'm trying to treat it as an opportunity to up my game and maybe work in a new direction (I'm rather fond of the research and market analysis function of my job, and hope that can go somewhere) but we will have to see. Sometimes it frustrates me that I got into this corporate game rather late in life, and am missing about 10 years head start that other people around me have already had. I can no longer be a whiz kid, I will only ever be a late bloomer now.

What else?

snow. rain. melt. freeze. ice. whoops! snow. melt. freeze. ow.

However, it is getting noticeably lighter now, which is doing wonders for my outlook on life. And my ability to wake up.

I did yoga today and it was wonderful. I really needed that.

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  1. Jaymo4:57 PM

    Sounds like things are looking up for you, all right!  And yeah, that damn ice is treacherous.  Still, spring is coming on like a freight train.


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