Friday, February 18, 2011

8-10 hours a day

IMG-20110218-00210.jpg, originally uploaded by karlakp.

My office. (I cleaned it today so thought I better take pictures while I can.)


  1. zunzun10:31 AM

    That looks long does it usually last? ;)

  2. Very, very nice!

  3. karlakp3:05 PM

    Heh. I do have a very nice office. I'm just not good at keeping the piles on my desk from getting out of hand. I try to do a big clean out every other month or so......

  4. Nice digs, but I still appreciate being able to work in my underwear from home and get up at like 1 PM.

  5. Michele4:23 AM

    Your office is beautiful. I've never worked in an office like this. Cube farm, yes, but never an office. And now because my Norwegian is still sucky, I clean offices like this. I feel a bit of a cry coming on...

  6. karlakp11:07 AM

    Michele, no! Don't feel bad! My Norwegian sucks too, but I was lucky enough to get a job at an English speaking company! Also, the office was empty so I snagged it.....(I like our building because almost everyone has an individual office.)

  7. Hey Karla -- Curious as to what you do?  Ideas for English speaking jobs in Norway that get offices as nice as this are always appreciated!

  8. karlakp12:22 PM

    Hi! I never really talk about my work, for the obvious (Dooce) reasons. I will say I work for a medium sized company involved in the energy industry, and that I totally and completely lucked out on the office assignment sweepstakes!

    Getting an English speaking job takes time and patience (took me three years) but it is doable. Top tip: Call the company you are interested in and introduce yourself and discuss your background a bit before sending your CV to a job posting. That personal touch really works in Norway. I know a gal who did that and got two job interviews and offers within weeks.

  9. Yes, I've found that it's always key in Norway to have an ally on the inside pulling for you.  Or else your CV just ends up in a pile with everyone else's. 

    But, generally about what you do at this company given that we are not native Norwegian speakers, is your background engineering?  Or is it more of a HR or marketing type of position?  Certainly don't mean to pry, and feel free not to answer if you're not comfortable, I guess I am just trying to figure out which skill sets are more readily transferrable than others.  There are many types of roles within a company, would you be able to give a better idea of what role you fit?  The office would seem to reflect a management position, nice desk, appears to be a corner office, etc.  Would you be able to give a little idea as to what your position is?  Thanks!

  10. karlakp10:26 AM

    HI, I'm not going in to details but i do a marketing and communications kind of thing.
    Getting a job here really is all about who you know and if they are in a place to help you out. Network network network.
    Best way to go about it is to get in with Manpower or similar, get a contract position somewhere you like, and then hold on tight and hold out for that permanent contract......once they know you fit in to the atmostphere and the office 'family', that is a very powerful strength.


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