Sunday, September 20, 2009

Building muscles, the hard way

Boy we got A LOT of shit done this weekend. So much that my back is totally wrecked and I just had to resort to my emergency stash of vicodine, because the pain, she is too much. I need to find time to go to the chiropractor.

Once the closets were put together it's like a bottleneck was opened and woooosh...everything started falling into place. I've got all my clothes put away, most of my shoes are also put away. Still trying to find some space for some winter shoes and hiking boots and I had to banish my sandals into the attic storage (um is 50 pairs of sandals too many?). Rich is futzing around in his den and I got the entry room sorted now as well. I also managed to find space for all the things that used to be in the laundry room. Surprising how much that room held, and how hard it was to find spaces for all of it here.

Rich bought his long-desired flat screen tv today. He's very excited. He's wanted one for two years, I kept making him wait, as I knew that the minute he bought one, we'd have to go back to the US. Now that we are a bit more settled and are pretty sure we are here for a few more years, he got to get his big TV. It comes Thursday.

I walked to work all last week and LOVED it. The weather was really gorgeous last week, too. It's 2 km each way, about a 20 minute walk, and it is so nice to have that time to move. Walking always centers me, so having that time before and after work to let my mind wander is really nice. Also, it's strange to not be on a time schedule as to when I leave for or from work....I am so used to catching the train. Now, I just leave when I feel like it. The walk feels very European, somehow. I walk down this big road that feels and looks almost exactly like a Parisian boulevard....grand old apartment buildings, some embassies, expensive Scandi-minimalist furniture and kitchen stores. (I don't GET minimalism. You spend a shitload of money to look like you don't have any stuff. You need lots of space to be minimalist, and then you fill it with....nothing. WTF???)

Anyhow, what with the walk to work and all this hefting crap around, I am totally losing weight. I'm tired, my muscles are killing me, I went up and down the stairs to attics 12 times today, and I don't have time to eat, so look for a skinnier Karla coming to you soon.

Ah...the vicodine is kicking in. Lovely. Cessation (or maybe just numbing) of pain. I'm flooooaatingg!!!!

I'll be out of town for a few nights next week, for work, will try to post some pics if I can.

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